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South Melbourne

Rosa Mexicano South Melbourne, perfectly complements the charm and beauty of this idyllic suburb. Nestled just south of the CBD, South Melbourne is a picturesque neighbourhood known for its wide, leafy streets adorned with historic Victorian homes and apartment buildings.

With its lively atmosphere and authentic Mexican cuisine, Rosa Mexicano adds a splash of colour and flavour to this already delightful area. Whether you're craving traditional street tacos, zesty guacamole, or refreshing margaritas, Rosa Mexicano is the go-to destination. And with a short tram ride into town, it's the perfect spot to indulge in a taste of Mexico while immersing yourself in South Melbourne's enchanting ambience.

Come, bring your appetite, and let us create an experience that will leave you craving for more!

293 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne VIC, Australia


Monday to Thursday: 11:30AM to 9:00PM
Friday and Saturday: 11:30AM to 9:30PM
Sunday: 11:30AM to 9:00PM

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